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About Us

Company Introduction Our story began in 1991 with the establishment of KM Vet Pharm SDN. BHD., which dealt with veterinary pharmaceuticals. Due to the demand of clients, KM Vet Pharm became the parent company of the KM Animal Clinic and Surgery, founded in 1994 and located near the original KM Vet Pharm office. In response to our growing number of clients and the rising need for the latest animal care technologies, the clinic moved to bigger premises in March 2014, which enabled us to provide better and advanced healthcare facilities. The Center provides services for both companion animals and livestock, and aims to give all animal owners a range of services that cater to all elements of their animals’ health and wellness. The Center houses the KM Pet Shoppe, a pet store that stocks a variety of pet-related products, and KM Pets Hotel, which provides pet accommodation, pet transportation and pet funeral services. Our Mission Provide compassionate care in order to enrich, nurture and lengthen the remarkable relationship between pet and their families. Treat our clients and their pets in the same professional, caring, courteous, and understanding manner as we and our own pets would like to be treated. Empower our healthcare team to educate our clients about pet care so they can make smart and informed decisions about their pet’s health. Provide the most current, effective, and responsible preventative health care and diagnostic treatment procedures available to us. Provide as many quality products and services as feasible to make our hospital a complete pet care provider for our community, our clients, and our pets. Our Services The KM Animal Clinic and Surgery Sdn Bhd provides quality and comprehensive medical and surgical care for all kinds of animals, from pets to livestock. We endeavor our best to offer the latest veterinary services. We offer the latest technology, high-grade equipment and facilities, and well-trained veterinarians and vet assistants who will prioritize your animal’s wellness and comfort. Our facilities include comfortable consultation rooms, computed radiography, and oxygen chambers, and our services range from providing clinical treatment, surgery, Anesthesia and in-house blood laboratory tests. Preventive Health Care Parasite control (deworming, heartworm prevention) Infectious disease control (vaccination) Preventive health screens (comprehensive physical examination) Wellness Program (dietary and nutrition, weight control) De-sexing (Spaying/Neutering) Anesthesia and Soft tissue surgery Dermatology Skin diseases and allergies, hairfall, etc. Otology Ear cleaning and therapeutics, otitis, etc. Gastroentology Geriatrics Hematology Hepatology Nephrology Laser therapy Microchipping (Pet Passport) Laboratory Cytology, histology, blood hematology, urine and faucal assays, etc. Diagnostic Imaging Radiology (x-ray) Special Diagnostic Services Tonometry Alternative therapies Herbal, homeopathy and nutraceuticals Euthanasia Ultrasound Dental  read more
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10 Dog Sleeping Positions + Their Adorable Meanings

10 Dog Sleeping Positions + Their Adorable Meanings The Side Sleeper Just like humans, dogs love to sleep on their side. Lying on their side with their legs extended is one of the most common sleeping positions for dogs. This sleeping position is especially prominent in puppies as well as older dogs who may be suffering from stiff joints. The Lion’s Pose The lion’s pose sleeping position (also called ‘the sphinx’) is when your dog sleeps with their head on top of their paws — similar to statues of lions you might see outside of large buildings. Your dog can also fall asleep in this position with their front paws tucked in and their back legs at one side. The Superman The superman position is when your dog lays sprawled out on the ground with their belly pressed to the floor, their back legs behind them, and their front legs stretched forward. Sometimes called a “sploot,” this is a common position among puppies and very playful dogs. The Donut The donut position is when your dog sleeps curled up in a ball with all of their limbs tucked close to their body. Sometimes their nose will touch their hind legs in a “shrimp” curl and they may even drape their tail over their body. The Cuddler One of the most adorable dog sleeping positions is ‘the cuddler’ position. This is when your dog prefers to sleep on top of you or another dog cuddled up. This is a great position for those that love to let their dog sleep in bed with them. The Burrower Have you noticed that your dog seeks out pillows, clothes, or blankets to sleep under? If so, your pooch likes to sleep in the burrower position.When dogs sleep in the burrower position, they are searching for comfort and security. Burrowers may also be seeking to calm themselves down — studies have shown that dog shirts meant to swaddle them in gentle pressure help ease nervous behaviors for dogs with anxiety disorder.  The Belly Up Arguably one of the cutest dog sleeping positions, the belly up position is just as it sounds. This position is when your dog lies on their back with their belly up and paws in the air. As uncomfortable as this position may look, this is a sign of true comfort and relaxation in dogs. Back to Back Similar to the cuddler sleeping position, when a dog likes to sleep back to back, it means they like to cuddle up and get as close as possible by placing their back next to either you or another dog. In the simplest form, this position is a sign of love and comfort. On a Cold Surface Whether it’s lying face down on the kitchen floor or sprawled out on your pavement, dogs tend to sleep on a cold surface when they are hot. This type of position can take the form of the superman pose or could be similar to the lion’s pose. Whatever it is, your dog is likely making sure their tummy is touching the cold surface. Head and Neck Raised Some dogs seek out a sleeping position where their head and neck are raised. They will usually leverage the side of their dog bed or a couch cushion.If your dog likes to sleep in a position where their head and neck are raised, it could mean that they may have issues breathing properly — something that is commonly seen with chronic heart disease and other health problems. KM GLOBAL ANIMAL HOSPITAL Reference : 10 Dog Sleeping Positions + Their Adorable Meanings - Casper Blog read more
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Core vs Noncore Dog Vaccinations

Core vs. Noncore Dog Vaccinations Vaccinations for pets are split into two general categories: core vaccines and noncore vaccines.  Core Vaccines Core vaccines are required for all dogs and puppies. Core vaccines include: Canine distemper/adenovirus (hepatitis)/parvovirus vaccine (given as one vaccine called DAP or DHP) Canine rabies vaccine Noncore Vaccines Noncore vaccines (lifestyle vaccines) are considered optional and given based on factors such as your pet’s lifestyle and geographic location. Several noncore vaccines protect against highly contagious or potentially life-threatening diseases. To determine which lifestyle vaccines are appropriate for your pet, your vet will look at a variety of factors, including: Geographic location and risk of disease in these areas Whether your pet goes to doggy day care, dog parks, boarding or grooming facilities Whether your pet’s lifestyle includes traveling, going on hikes, or being exposed to wilderness or bodies of water Overall health of your pet Noncore vaccines include: Bordetella Bronchiseptica vaccine Parainfluenza vaccine (often combined with either the Bordetella or the DAP vaccines) Leptospirosis vaccine Lyme vaccine Canine influenza vaccine (H3N2 and/or H3N8) KM GLOBAL ANIMAL HOSPITAL Reference : Vaccinations Schedule for Every Lifestage | PetMD read more
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