Our Policy

Our Policy


1. We are open from 9am-9pm. Our Veterinarians, Vet Nurses and Front Desk Officers are there to assist you around the clock. However, from 6pm-9pm, you may experience a shortage of staffs. Kindly remain patient and we appreciate your cooperation.

2. Our waiting time for consultation usually takes around 15mins or lesser. Sometimes it may take longer if there are emergency cases or if the patient before you requires longer hours of consultation due to health complications. Please understand that we make every attempt to attend to every client at the soonest.

Pet handling during visits

1. To ensure the safety of our clients and patients, we require all animals to be adequately restrained during their visit. All cats should be in a pet carrier and all dogs must be leashed, and must be under the control of the owner.

2. Kindly be respectful of other client’s pets while in the waiting area with your pet.


1. Our pricing has been fixed based on our high operational cost, professional services, quality medication, high-graded medical equipments and also by considering the standard fee structure. Please do not haggle or ask for a discount as our prices are fixed. We do not entertain credits.

2. Our sincere intention is to treat animals with an affordable price. Kindly ask the Vet or Front Desk Officer on the estimated pricing before agreeing to proceed on treatment or surgery.

3. Please be informed that our Consultation fee varies based on timings and public holiday


1. We appreciate you to make an appointment before coming to make sure your preferred Vet is on duty when you visit.

2.Please bring along your appointment card when you visit so that we can update the card.

Treatment & Medication

1. Kindly take note that unlike humans, animals can’t express their health problem in words. It is indeed a difficult task for a Vet to diagnose and treat. Please bring your pet for follow-up treatments as per the Vet’s advice.

2. Please take note that similar to humans, some medication may not react well to certain animals causing allergic reactions or any other complication. Please bring your pet back to the Vet immediately, should your pet encounter any issues.

3. Please ask your Vet or the Front Desk Officer if you have any doubt regarding the administration of the prescribed medication. It is the responsibility of the owner to give medication regularly and to keep monitoring their pet. Please remember that your pet requires more attention when it is not feeling well.

Surgery & Hospitalisation

1. Please read the Consent form clearly before signing. If you have any doubts, kindly ask the Vet or the Front Desk Officer.

2. A deposit of 50% may be required for hospitalisation and any surgical cases. All payment must be settled before discharging out your pet.

3. Proper administration of medication and follow-up visits are important for your pet to heal faster. Please do not be negligent in taking care of your pet


1. Our Vets have taken the oath to save lives. If you have brought your pet to us late while it’s at a critical stage, we are not able to do much on the treatment. It hurts us even more when we are not able to save your pet, so please do not scar our wrenched hearts with baseless notions. Sometimes like humans, they too pass away when the time comes.

2. If you have any complaints, please call immediately 0125241504 (Treatment or Medical related issues) or 0123171305 (Services & other matters). Ranting on social media may not give any solution as it is neither useful to you nor your pet. Let us help you to solve the issue.

Your furkids and you matter to us!



5, Jalan Industri Batu Caves 1/1, Taman Perindustrian Batu Caves, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.
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